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Doing the right things


When it comes to food, we do our best to buy fruits, meats and vegetables that have been raised locally using methods that are proven sustainable by independent third party certifiers. We're also reducing our impact on the environment with programs dedicated to reducing waste, decreasing energy and water consumption, eliminating toxic chemicals and pesticides and encouraging recycling and composting.

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100% Raised without Antibiotics

Absolutely 100% of our meats are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. By establishing this as a standard for our meat purchasing and proving every supplier's claim, we are taking a giant step away from the factory farming methods that are creating trillions of SUPERBUGS every day. Many, if not most of these SUPERBUGS come from giant beef, pork, turkey and chicken producers. They get on the meat as it's being processed, in the water supply, on our crops, on farm workers bodies and clothes. Farm animals that are raised without antibiotics almost NEVER have these bacteria in or on them. That's why we serve only 100% Raised Without Antibiotics meats. Always.

Fighting Food Waste

As much as we try to avoid it, sometimes our restaurants have leftover food at the end of the day.  Instead of throwing that food in the garbage, Sopraffina partners with "Too Good To Go", the #1 Anti-Food Waste App, and excess food is picked up twice daily.

Protecting our oceans & fisheries

All our salmon and tuna are 100% sustainably harvested under rigid state and federal guidelines and certified as such from the boat to our distributor by the Marine Stewardship Council. You can't buy more sustainable fish. In addition, by reducing our water and energy consumption, eliminating the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides and sourcing locally whenever possible, we keep our rivers and oceans cleaner so they can continue to be a vital part of our food supply.

Waste Reduction

We have waste recycling programs in every Sopraffina and composting programs in several. Please participate. In addition, we use absolutely NO STYROFOAM. We use absolutely NO POLYSTYRENE (#6) Most people don't realize this but Styrofoam is nothing more than expanded polystyrene. Both are extremely destructive to the planet and NEVER, EVER break down. Check your disposables...if they have the number 6 inside the recycling triangle, they're made from polystyrene...bad stuff. We try to recycle all our cardboard and plastic and 90% of all our paper products and 100% of all our cardboard boxes are made with recycled content, with a minimum of 30% post-consumer wastes. A lot of restaurants SAY they are “green” or “sustainable”, but very few can PROVE it.

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